The Circus

Circus Party Weekend: April 10-12, 2015

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The Circus with Frank Liebetegger and Daniel Hetze

★ Pre-sale of Circus Tickets (regular ones for € 18) just started at Village Bar, open daily from 8 pm till 3 am. We are also happy to announce that Village Bar is hosting a warmup party on April 11 just before "Circus - Hello Doc!" at ARENA WIEN.

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★ Prescription No. 3: SHOWDOWN at Queen Club! Keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children. Strictly!

The Circus with Gerald van der Hint and David Leroy

★ Prescription No. 2: CAGE at Säulenhalle!!! Check with your doctor or pharmacist before getting into the CAGE again. Getting into the CAGE for too long can make you randy :)

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★ Prescription No. 1: Retox - Weekend Warmup Party at Kaiserbruendl Herrensauna. If you have any further questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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★ We have some incredible news for you! What's it gonna be? Let's say we discovered potential treatment facilities for you. Stay tuned. Still so excited over here :)

The Circus with Simon Dorner and 2 others at ARENA WIEN

★ HELLO DOC! Hello new perfect body! Hello new life! Hello new amazing flyer :) Please share this testimonial of modern plastic surgery with real satisfaction guarantee.
Registration for treatment - fill in here:

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The Circus with Raphael Massaro and Daniel Hetze

★ The new Circus Flyer for April 11 is almost done. Thanks to Daniel and Tamara Mascara for the great photo shoot! We blocked out a few things here... Can anyone guess what's going on in the picture? We will raffle 2 tickets among all guesses on Monday! Have a nice weekend.

The Circus with Federico Maniscalco

★ Last but not least The Circus resident dj aleXio completes the international lineup for the next party on April 11!

The Circus with Charlet C. House

★ Also confirmed: Charlet Crackhouse, Queen of trash and glamor. Always up for a backstage scandal. Relentlessly teasing our beloved dj aleXio. Welcome to The Circus again! Save the date: April 11, 2015.