The Circus

Thank you for this amazing night! The Circus loves you! The Circus returns October 10, 2015. Save the date!

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The Circus with Dj Enrico Arghentini fanClub and Enrico Arghentini

★ Star DJ/Producer ENRICO ARGHENTINI will be the headliner of The Circus, October 10, ARENA WIEN. Listen to his incredible circuit sound at

The Circus added 99 new photos to the album: Circus meets Kulturbanane.

Party is culture. Culture is banana. The time is now for!
© The Darlings aka Martin Darling

The Circus updated their cover photo.

The Circus added 139 new photos to the album: CIRCUS Hello Doc! — with Gerald Wenschitz and 2 others at ARENA WIEN.

Check out the first pics of this amazing night! Big thanks to all of you and see you at the next Circus on October 10, 2015!

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The Circus with Noor AL-Qaraghuli and 2 others

★ Super selfie selfie at roomz vienna hotel! :) Forecast for tonight: it will be hot!

The Circus added 7 new photos — with Damien Thorn and 6 others.

★ Ready for surgery? Have a look at some of our gorgeous personnel!

★ Get ready for treatment at one of the following emergency rooms: John Harris Fitness, John Harris am Margaretenplatz, John Harris Fitness DC Tower,...

★ car2go Österreich and Mia Soho bring you to The Circus and give you € 2,- at the door! Show your car2go ID card or logged-in mobile app at the door and pay only € 18 instead of € 20.

The Circus with Raphael Massaro

★ Tamara Mascara, our chief plastic surgeon on duty, is currently preparing the surgery and her assistant nurses for Saturday night. Her promise to every patient: She will look fabulous with a scalpel!


The Circus added 6 new photos — with David Leroy and 9 others.

★ Get ready for the Circus Party Weekend, April 10 - 12.

Want to save money at the entrance? Weekend passes (Combi-Tickets) are available online for pre-sale. Find your party combination at