The Circus


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★ We just received this mashup from one of our guests, which we wanna share with you!
Photo: (c) Esned Nezić

feat. EScollection vienna starring our reckless adventurers!

Fotos: (c) Martin Darling, The Darlings.

Thank you all for this amazing night in the deep dark jungle. With Juseph León, David Leroy, Federico Maniscalco, Charlet C. House, Alessandro Caruso, Tamara Mascara, Simon Dorner, Stefano Del Sol, Discoo Caine, Lucienne Emily Lücke, Damien Thorn, Roberto Pereira Barbosa Junior and many more. Please tag the photos. Thank you!

Fotos: (c) adrian almasan, Good Life Crew,

★ dj aleXio and Charlet Crackhouse just arrived at roomz vienna! Just about to enter the jungle :)

★ Jungle quests: 2nd Floor, Mainroom. Danger awaits you :)

★ Who is gonna rescue our Jungle Queen, her Highness Tamara Mascara?