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Future Flashback - The Future Returns. April 22, 2017

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Circus - Future Flashback! - April 22, 2017 at Arena Vienna.

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Circus - Future Flashback! April 22, 2017 at Arena Vienna.

The Circus with Guillem De Frenne Gimeno and 4 others.

★ Here is our 80s Future Flashback Band, The Electric Hearts! This dream team of Ginger Red, Bubb Le Gum Lecter, Vol Do, Wilma & the Queen herself Tamara Mascara will perform at Circus together with lots of sexy boys. Don’t miss it! Saturday April 22, 2017 at Arena Vienna: Circus - Future Flashback!

Credits: Makeup & Outfits: Tamara Mascara, Hair: Edu Gomes Kadziolka, Photo: Simon Dorner.

★ They came from the future: Meet our Electric Hearts, the 80s cyber glam rock band! ❤ Head over to Instagram to get an exclusive sneak peek at our main show today. Like and follow us for more!

The Circus with Tamara Mascara and 5 others.

★ Circus - Future Flashback! at a glance!

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The Circus with Raphael Massaro and Tamara Mascara.

★ This time we will show you how to roll back in time! Or how to push fast forward into the future. Either way, it's gonna be flashy, bright and electric. Open your hearts for this reminiscent journey through time and space. This is The Circus, ARENA WIEN, April 22.

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The Circus with Noah Hamilton.

★ The Circus proudly announces DJ Noah to headline the upcoming Circus - Future Flashback! party.

Note that our party weekend starts April 21 with CAGE - Circus Warm Up Party at famous Club|Bar Auslage and ends April 23 with Showdown - Circus After Hour Experience at frictionous Kaiserbruendl Herrensauna. Book your room with Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna now. There is simply no better deal during this weekend (Vienna city marathon).

BIO: Noah originally born in Toronto, Canada. Moved to London, U.K 3 years ago where he attended London Sound Academy to pursue his love and interest in learning to DJ. After 1 year in London, Noah decided to move to Spain and peruse his DJ career. 2016 was his debut year, starting in Madrid at the party MATRIX, then to Athens, Greece at the famous club, Apartment, playing in Murcia at club Metropol and then spinning in the jumbo center for over 3000 People for Masopolamos Pride. Afterwards heading to the USA, to play in Atlanta at club Xion and Miami at Score, playing and learning along side one of the best in the business Phil Romano. Finally to end the year off in Milan, Italy at Gate Party. 2016 was a successful start for Dj Noah, and hopes to continues into his second year traveling the world playing music and making people dance and feel good.


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The Circus updated their profile picture.